Philosophy of Religion and Philosophical Theology: some ideas on drawing the demarcation




Philosophy of religion, philosophical theology, religious studies, demarcation, subject-matter, methods, Vladimir Shokhin


In this paper I consider two books of Vladimir Shokhin, a distinguished philosopher in Russia, on philosophy of religion (2010) and philosophical theology (2018) as one project aimed at drawing the demarcation between these two disciplines. In what follows I will present Shokhin’s project and show briefly how it fits in with the current discussion on the topic, then, draw some consequences from his position, and make some critical notes, and at the end I will briefly present some my views on the problem of drawing clear lines of demarcation between philosophy of religion and philosophical theology on the basis of the following questions: (1) what is the topic of the disciplines, (2) what are their methods, (3) what are their guiding lines, and (4) who may exercise them?

Author Biography

Kirill Karpov, Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences

Department: Philosophy of Religion

Position: Senoir Research Fellow


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