Metaphysical Supernaturalism and Morally Worthy Actions


  • Bruno Niederbacher SJ University of Innsbruck



This article is an attempt to solve the question whether there is a version of metaphysical supernaturalism that grants both: first, that moral facts depend in a metaphysical strong way on God, and second, that agnostics and atheists are nevertheless able to perform morally worthy actions. The solution that is developed in this paper builds on a distinction between the proximate and the remote goodmakers of actions. It is argued that the proximate goodmakers of actions can be cognized also by the non-believer and that such knowledge or justified belief of the proximate goodmakers might be sufficient to perform morally worthy actions.



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Niederbacher SJ, Bruno. 2016. “Metaphysical Supernaturalism and Morally Worthy Actions”. European Journal for Philosophy of Religion 8 (3):59-73.